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2014.02.05 Seminar on Cross-cutting Climate Change Projects in Indonesia (Jakarta) | Agenda | Presentation
2013.11.13 The Final Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) meeting and the opening of MCCOE at Geostech, PUSPIPTEK, Serpong | Agenda
2013.09.05 Articles of the research about Jakarta Floods by Heavy Rainfall in January 2013 conducted by Dr. Peiming Wu (JAMSTEC) published by the Asahi Shimbun .
2013.06.11 The 4th Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) was held at BMKG Headquarters, Jakarta | Agenda
2013.03.08 JICA's website in the article of Jakarta flood that occurred on January 17, 2013 was published.
2013.02.28-03.01 Workshop on MCCOE Radar Meteorology/Climatology in Indonesia, Progress on Weather Radar Technology and Its Applications to Societal Benefits (Jakarta) | Agenda
2013.01.29-30 Data Quality Management Workshop was held in Indonesia by Mr. Awaluddin, who was trained in Japan. (Jakarta)
2012.10.25 Media coverage of Ina-TRITON International Science and Technology Symposium
2012.10.24-25 Ina-TRITON International Science and Technology Symposium (Jakarta) [Agenda]
2012.09.19-26 The First Ina-TRITON Buoy Deployment on board RV Baruna Jaya III (West Papua)
Major Activities (for recorded activities of the past, please refer to Activities)
2012.06.12 The 3rd Joint Coordinating Committee of SATREPS-MCCOE project (Jakarta) [Agenda]
2012.03.14-16 SINTEX-F Workshop (Jakarta)
2012.03.14-16 InaTRITON buoy workshop in Serpong [Agenda]
2012.03.12 Friends of SATREPS Workshop and The Launching Ceremony of MPR and InaTRITON buoy
2011.12.01-31 SATREPS 2011 IOP was held in Padang, Muara Putus, Sipora Island and Pontianak
2011.11.29 SATREPS 2011 IOP Homepage was established
2011.11.27 MPR observation test (Muara Putus)
2011.11.23 MPR arrived at Muara Putus
2011.11.17 MPR transported to Muara Putus(Bogor)
2011.10.31-11.15 On-site Training and SAT of MPR (Bogor)
2011.10.25-28 MPR transported and reassembled (Bogor)
2011.10.11-12 Workshop on Progress of Research and Prediction of Short-Term Climate Variation : MJO, ENSO, and IOD (Jakarta) (Presentation files)
2011.10.11-12 AWS Installation for Flood Monitoring of Cileungsi and Cikeas River (Bekasi)
2011.09.11-10.08 Training of Buoy Data Quality Control Management (Yokosuka)
2011.09.07-09 BPPT Executive and his party visit (Tokyo, Yokosuka)
2011.09.06 Spokesman interviewed by JST (Yokosuka)
2011.08.13-09.20 Buoy installation/recovery training at R/V Mirai (Mutsu -Singapore) (Cruise Report)
2011.08.07-21 MPR factory training (Duesseldorf, Germany)
2011.07.10-23 Buoy development/operation training (Yokosuka and Mutsu, Japan)
- 05.10
The 2nd Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) is held in Jakarta [agenda]
- 05.10
Training buoy construction, installation (by the BPPT r/v Baruna Jaya III), and workshop, in Serpong, southwest of Sunda Strait, and in Jakarta
- 03
International Symposium on Roles of the Indo-Pacific Oceans in Climate Change and Variability in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of IOC/UNESCO was carried out in Tokyo, Japan. [JAMSTEC NEWS]
2010.06.08 Rainfall Information and Water Management System (SIJAMPANG) was started in Jakarta, Indonesia. [website]
- 10
Workshop on Buoy Technology and Data Quality Check was carried out in Jakarta and Serpong, Indonesia.
2010.06.08 1st Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) meeting was carried out in Jakarta, Indonesia. [BPPT NEWS]
2010.06.01 Maritime Continent Center of Excellence (MCCOE) Promotion Office was opened at NEONET Floor of BPPT, Jakarta, Indonesia.
2010.03.09 Kick-off Workshop was carried out in Sanur, Indonesia.
2010.02.04 Collaboration Research Agreement (CRA) was signed between JAMSTEC and BPPT, in Yokosuka, Japan. [BPPT NEWS]
2010.01.22 Record of Discussions on this project was signed between JICA and BPPT, in Jakarta, Indonesia.
2009.12.28 This site was opened, in Jakarta, Indonesia.
2009.08.12 Minutes on this project was signed between Japanese and Indonesian Governments, in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Renewal history
2011.04.01 This site was updated and renewed.
2009.12.28 This site was opened.

BPPT: Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology
BPPT 1st Building 20th Floor, Jl. M. H. Thamrin No.8, Jakarta 10340, Indonesia
TEL/FAX: +62-21-3983-6195

JAMSTEC: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
2-15 Natsushima-cho, Yokosuka-City, Kanagawa, 237-0061, Japan
TEL: +81-46-867-9280 FAX: +81-46-867-9255